ONit Alert

Next Generation Monitoring - Inform React Recover

The Technology Behind ONit Alert

ONit Alert has developed an innovative solution that displays incoming responses to critical alerts. This system aids individuals and groups that want to gain improved situational awareness for managing critical and emergency situations. Because of our enhanced software capabilities, employees and safety personnel can acknowledge individual recipients, groups, or others via instant messaging, social media, or message boards.

Our intuitive systems allow individuals and groups to become involved in ongoing discussions during emergency situations. Communication with each other and with emergency response administrators can help contribute intelligence that may modify a crisis response.

ONit Alert allows alert recipients to respond directly to text alerts by utilizing a preset menu. Additionally, recipients receive a link that contains critical information, message boards, and camera views. Within seconds, these text alert replies are viewable in the monitored inbox. Finally,the monitored inbox can respond to a recipient’s reply via SMS text message with a hyperlink to critical information.

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