ONit Alert

Next Generation Monitoring - Inform React Recover


After the Alert - What Happens Next?

ONit Alert Informs key personnel with vital information, during an alarm, and allows them to React quickly, bringing them to a faster Recovery. 

Utilizing modern 2-way technology, we can alert key personnel with the “What”, “When”, and “Where” of the emergency.

Each person then has the option to respond to a text with an “Action Option” thus enabling the “Who’s ONit”.

One of the best things about ONit Alert is that there are multiple scenarios for almost any type of Alert such as Fire, Burglar, Active Shooter, and etc..  This also includes Facility type based alerts like power failures, low temperatures,and etc..


Armed Suspect

Armed Barricade

Hostage Barricade

Hostage Rescue

Active Shooter!


1 - Taking Action

2 - Evacuating

3 - Seeking Shelter

4 - Weapons Confirmed

5 - False Alarm


Burglar Alarm

Hold-Up Alarm

Fire Alarm

Sprinkler Alarm

Video Alarm


1 - I'm ONit!

2 - Not Available

3 - Available To Assist

4 - Verified - Dispatch

5 - False Alarm


Flood Detection

Low Temperature

Furnace Problem

Power Failure



1 - I'm ONit!

2 - Not Available

3 - Available To Assist

4- Verified

Virtually Limitless Possibilities & Options...


Features of ONit Alert


ONit Alert
This product alerts you of an event via multiple communication platforms, including voice, text message, email, pager, fax, and other communication methods. 

ONit Response

Our ONit Response™ provides two-way smartphone communication that allows people to quickly respond with who is “ONit™” in an emergency situation.

ONit Audit

ONit Audit™ automatically prepares an incident report directly from the event information log.


ONit Tracking

During the first critical hours of an incident, ONit Tracking™ automatically informs and guides you through your business continuity plan.

ONit Monitoring

The ONit Monitoring™ system keeps you informed at all times. FYIAlert™ lets you know whether or not the BC-DR plan is being followed with real time updates as tasks are completed.

ONit Alert™ 

ONit Alert™ is a comprehensive software system designed to meet increasingly complex emergency and security demands. This forward-thinking approach is ideal for those that want to go beyond traditional monitoring models.