ONit Alert

Next Generation Monitoring - Inform React Recover

ONit Alert Basic

One of the best things about ONit Alert is that there are multiple scenarios for almost any type of Alert such as Fire, Burglar, Active Shooter, and etc.. This also includes facility type based alerts like power failures, low temperatures, and etc..

Panic Alarm - Generated by Central Station Software with ONit Plug-in

     WHEN - June 11, 2013 at 10:10 AM

     WHAT - Panic Alarm - Keypad

     WHERE - Jefferson High School

     CHAT - Link to Private or Public Messaging Board of Your Choice


     Packed with critical information, the ONit Alert provides you with valuable     information and guides you through what you should do next. 


     WHO'S ONit!  Pat Marshall is ONit!  

        The ONit Response Group is then updated with the key holder that is taking ownership of the alarm event.

        DYNAMIC UPDATES  Jillian Shore is Available to Assist 


                                               Pat Marshall Verified Alarm 


                                      Dispatch in progress due to Verification

                                             Vital information during a time of crisis can be delivered to the group in real time.