ONit Alert

Next Generation Monitoring - Inform React Recover


Banks and credit unions are prime targets for theft. With today’s economy, it is important to be protected at all times. We often find that the traditional system is too limited to meet the user's true needs. ONit Alert's goal is to provide financial institutions with critical information as fast as possible, and give them the tools with what to do next.  

The ONit Alert solution will help financial institutions apply proven protocols and response plans to improve efficiency and effectiveness during critical moments, resulting in a very safe environment for its associates, customers and assets.  ONit Alert is capable of a range of solutions, from securing and monitoring a single community standalone ATM to integrating with alarm systems for multi-state national bank networks.

Alarm systems are crucial for financial institutions.  With the addition of ONit Alert, your basic alarm system transforms into a next generation alarm.  This new capability will alert you via text (SMS) and give you the ability to respond appropriately.  The system then updates the key personnel and the central station based on those responses.

Our monitored alarms can be configured to work with virtually any type of device:

  • Holdup (Panic) Buttons
  • Bill Trap
  • Fire Alarm
  • Motion and Glass-Break Sensors
  • Safe Monitoring
  • Power Failures

Beyond security, ONit Alert’s next generation monitoring can help optimize financial operations and provide business continuity. Now key personnel will be able to react, communicate and respond within seconds of an alarm.