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Welcome to ONit Alert

Knowledge is a critical aspect in effectively responding to complex emergency situations. At ONit Alert, we believe the more knowledge one has about a crisis, the better one can manage challenging situations. With this belief, we have created a solution that gives individuals or groups situational awareness, allowing them to make more informed decisions when time is of the essence.

After the Alarm...What Happens Next?



The world today needs proactive, results-oriented recovery solutions that allow for business continuity. ONit Alert is creating a new era in emergency response monitoring. Through its intuitive software, ONit Alert can seamlessly connect and improve emergency and security processes, thereby aiding human capabilities.



ONit Alert has pioneered an innovative solution that displays incoming responses to critical alerts. These responses aid individuals and groups in improving situational awareness to effectively manage critical and emergency situations. Because of our enhanced software capabilities, employees and safety personnel can acknowledge individual recipients, groups, or others via instant messaging, social media, or message boards.